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We understand small businesses.  While a large company may have full time employees to perform all aspects of system or database setup, software development, and maintenance activities, a small company needs these services infrequently and may not have the resources to perform them.  Ross Sampson Consulting specializes in filling that gap with temporary skilled resources.

Our work includes tasks of varying scope for small to medium-sized companies. so we offer a variety of contract options.  Depending on the work involved, services are available on a project basis, a consulting basis, or a retainer basis.  Billing terms are net 7 days on all contracts.  A few examples are listed below:

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Web Services

Web pages easily communicate company and product information to a wide audience.  Services are available to help create a corporate Web presence or update an existing one.  Ross Sampson Consulting uses development methods for Web sites and Web-enabled applications that promote accessibility and portability, and offers internal network setup to help your company convey corporate, contact and product information to a broader customer base.

Accessible Web

Incorporating accessible design into Web sites or Web-enabled applications is not only a good idea, it is also a requirement for all newly developed government Web software, per U.S. Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines.  According to a document posted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), accessible Web design is beneficial to businesses because it can increase market share and audience reach, improve efficiency, demonstrate social responsibility, and reduce legal liabilities.  Follow this link to the W3C document for more details.  Ross Sampson Consulting develops software according to accessibility guidelines.  We provide:


System architecture includes the entire system, not just the software and database.  Ross Sampson Consulting can offer solutions for architecting a new system or evaluate and suggest refinements to a current one.  We can assist with the selection of compatible hardware and the best network for your PC or UNIX-based application.


Database needs can change.  For example, new data mining activities could necessitate a formal data warehouse setup, or data quantity may surpass the capabilities of the original storage method.  Possibly a new system design requires a database but there is some doubt as to the correct choice.  Ross Sampson Consulting offers database expertise for new or existing databases.

Software Services

Small business tools or applications customized to fit your business model may not be available in a box.  Ross Sampson Consulting software development services are available to craft tools that help you do business faster and more efficiently without changing your business rules.